UPDATED 3 p.m.: Plumas National Forest updates three latest fires

The Plumas National Forest announced this morning, July 30, that air attack has found two additional fires from last night’s thunderstorm, as well as locating one that crews could not find last night:
This was the fire that crews  were unable to be locate last night. As of 10 a.m. this morning it is at 2 acres in the vicinity of Kessler Peak near Taylorsville. Six smoke jumpers have been deployed and two single engine air tankers are ordered.
UPDATE: At 2 to 5 acres. Handline around one-third of the fire. Fire is holding.
This fire is identified as a ground fire and not into the trees west of Ingalls Peak, near Genesee.
UPDATE: 50’X50′ no additional needs
This fire is approximately 10′ x 10′ on the ground with low spread potential located near Nye Meadows, which is near Ingalls.
UPDATE: In patrol status
Penman: patrol status
Smith: 1/4 acre contained, resources released
These fires demonstrate how dry the fuels are so it is very important that everyone is very careful when out in the forested lands. Similar weather is expected this evening and the possibility of more lightning.