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Plumas Performing Arts offering mini grants

Submitted by Plumas Performing Arts

In a year when we can’t enjoy performing arts together, many folks in Plumas County have put away their instruments, stopped singing and dancing, and turned to Netflix. Plumas Performing Arts wants you to get back to performing with mini grants that will help with workshop fees, lessons, or maybe just new reeds for that clarinet stashed under your bed. County residents of all ages and stages can apply for grants up to $200 in a very wide range of performing arts categories.

“There are a plethora of ways to keep your skills tuned,” commented Marty Walters, president of Plumas Performing Arts. “Our goal is to get Plumas County performing at home so that we can return from this pandemic bursting with ideas for community events.” Over the summer, Marty attended several online workshops from Oberlin Conservatory and the San Francisco Amateur Music Network, and she had to invest in a good microphone that would allow her violin to be heard over Zoom without sounding like an injured sea creature.

Tristan McMichael, student representative on the Plumas Performing Arts board, knows just how expensive it can be to pursue a performing arts passion. “The costs to participate in the performing arts can become overbearing especially during the COVID-19 pandemic. In band, these costs add up between microphones, honor band applications, MERV instrument masks, and more,” he said.

Apply for a mini grant by visiting https://plumasperformingarts.org/ or come find us on Facebook and Instagram!

Plumas Performing Arts is one of our county’s newest non-profits, and we provide financial assistance for a wide range of performing arts activities while supporting arts education in our schools.

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