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Plumas Public Health reports 2 COVID deaths amid uptick in cases

By Debra Moore

[email protected]

Plumas County Public Health Director Dana Loomis said in an interview last week that he expected to see a larger increase in this week’s COVID numbers due to a five-day lag time in reporting data, and that supposition came to pass. Today, Public Health reported 60 cases for the past seven-day period, compared to the 36 cases reported on July 7.

The actual number of cases in Plumas County is unknown, as at-home test numbers are not included in these figures.

Also of note today, the deaths attributed to COVID rose from 20 to 22. That number had held steady for months. (Plumas News has asked for more information regarding the latest two deaths.) Overall, it’s reported that 11 of those who died from COVID had comorbidities, and the average age of those who died is 74.3.

Last week three individuals were hospitalized for COVID and this week that number is one. Whether the two who are no longer hospitalized is reflected in the reported deaths or if different individuals are involved is unclear at this time.

There are currently 92 people in isolation, compared to 56 individuals a week ago. The test positivity rate went up to 16.8 percent.

Since the beginning of the pandemic, Public Health has reported 3,893 cases.

For more demographic information regarding COVID in Plumas County, click here.

UPDATE: The following information was supplied by Public Health on July 15:

These two deaths are not new deaths. They are dated back to the first quarter of 2022. The data we present is pulled from the state’s database for disease collection. We are unclear as to why it sometimes takes such a long time to properly reflect local deaths into this data. There also seems to be a disconnect with totals within the state’s disease collection database and CDPH’s data presented on their website. Our epidemiologist reached out when we first noticed this issue and since has reached out again.

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