A familiar site throughout Plumas County is roadblocks such as this one near Lake Almanor as roads are closed and communities evacuated. Photo by Gregg Scott

Plumas Sheriff’s Office updates evacuation info – 4,000 under mandatory orders

The Plumas County Sheriff’s Office presented an evacuation update during last night’s Dixie Fire briefing, but due to a technical issue, some questions weren’t answered. Here is a rundown of those questions as well as the most recent evacuation information. There is an important for those in Indian Valley who have not yet evacuated — there is still an opportunity to leave.
– There is no immediate plan to evacuate Quincy, we will continue to monitor the fire and assess often.
– There is an evacuation plan in place for every community under a warning, we continue to monitor this to ensure evacuation routes remain available and are safe.
– If you have remained in Indian Valley, please evacuate to the north, via Hwy 89 to Hwy 147. Although this area is under a mandatory evacuation order, you can still leave to the north.
– Hamilton Branch remains under a warning.
– Damage assessments are and will continue to be conducted when safe to do so.
– Currently there are over 4,000 Plumas County Residents under a mandatory evacuation order.