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A crew from Plumas Rural Electric Cooperative install an electric line on the White Sulphur Springs Ranch site. Photo submitted

Plumas Sierra Rural Electric lends a hand at While Sulphur Springs

By John Lullo

Special to Plumas News

The volunteers at White Sulphur Springs Ranch recently put in a deck in the Summerfest area to serve as a platform for entertainers and a focus for events like Living History School Days. Employees of the Plumas Sierra Rural Electric Cooperative (PSREC) donated their time and equipment Sept. 24 to provide electrical service to a subpanel at the deck. This involved pulling wire from the ranch house to the deck, a distance of about 1,250 feet.

Four days after the request was made by Mohawk Valley Stewardship Council (MVSC) volunteer Tim Buckhout, a crew of four PSREC employees showed up and within a few hours had all the lines pulled and in place. The MVSC depends on community supporters like the PSREC to complete the restoration of the historic property at the head of the Mohawk Valley.

In a thank you letter to Bob Marshall, the general manager of the PSREC, Buckhout wrote the following:

“Bob, the way in which Jason and Mitch promptly handled our request reflects great credit upon you and PSREC as true community supporters of historic White Sulphur Springs Ranch and the commitment we have made to restore this ranch for the benefit of the community, and to better serve our disabled children and our disabled veterans.”

Work continues at the ranch in spite of the hard times caused by COVID-19. Fund-raising activities have ground to a virtual halt. The MVSC depends on support from companies and individuals in the community. In this case PSREC has shown themselves as the good neighbors they are.

The annual MVSC membership drive is currently underway. Interested parties should visit the website at www.WhiteSulphurSpringsRanch.com







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