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Portola fire tax defeated

Portola voters rejected the proposed fire tax with a vote of 269 to 146 or 64.82 percent to 35.18 percent June 6. The measure needed two-thirds to pass. The all mail ballot drew a 40.92 percent voter turnout.

2 thoughts on “Portola fire tax defeated

  • Next time you want to raise property taxes, let all the property owners vote. Not just registeted voters. We own four properties in town and support the fire department. We were prepared to pay the more than $600 increase per year for all four properties, to support our fire department. We hope in a time of need, they will continue to be there for us and the community.

    It’s sad we were not allowed to vote. We live and work out of town and are registered to vote at our primary residence which is not the City of Portola. We are not slum lords. We are investing in the town and community, fixing it up one house at a time.

    We hope next time the city wants to raise property taxes- they let property owners with true vested interest in property values, safety and quality of life in Portola, have a voice / voting opportunity.

  • It’s unfortunate that the increase was so much, I think the community understands the need for the increase, but once again the council asked for too much. I believe if they would have asked for something more resonable, like $50, it would have passed. I support the need for the money but not this way. Too bad they City had to spend the money for the special election for it to be defeated.

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