Portola man convicted of felony to serve 22 months

Eric Richard Jacobson, age 19 and formerly of Portola, was sentenced July 19 to serve 22 months in custody after having been convicted May 3, of two counts of felony unlawful sexual intercourse with a minor, one count of misdemeanor unlawful sexual intercourse with a minor and one count of misdemeanor public intoxication.

The convictions stem from a series of incidents during the summer of 2018. Under Assembly Bill 109, Jacobson will serve his prison sentence in county jail.

Jacobson was not ordered to register as a sex offender, though with probation being denied, he will remain a convicted felon and will not be eligible for a reduction to a misdemeanor absent a pardon from the Governor.

Plumas County District Attorney Davis Hollister said, “This was a very difficult and complicated case at many levels. In reaching this resolution it was critical that each of victims know they are believed and supported, that the defendant be held responsible for his conduct and receive an appropriate punishment and, despite the defendant’s relative youth, it be understood the conduct the defendant engaged in carries serious consequences.”

Hollister went on to thank the Sheriff’s Office and the DA Investigation Unit for their tireless work investigating this case and the victims and their families for their patience and strength during this long and involved process.