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Portola prepares to begin roadwork

Portola city residents will be pleased to learn that significant progress to begin repairing the condition of local roads has been made.

City Public Works Director Todd Roberts said, “Work is getting ready to really kick off. Currently, we are waiting on the arrival of our newly purchased CAT asphalt cold planer/grinder to begin work, which should arrive in about two weeks.”

The cold planer/grinder will arrive in conjunction with a trainer sent out by the manufacturer, and a specially formed in-house asphalt crew will take two to three days to train with the new piece of machinery.

“After the training is complete, we’ll be off and running,” Roberts said. The roadwork has been long awaited, and before it could begin, FEMA and CalOES paid a visit to the city of Portola to assess storm damage, turning their assessment into individual project worksheets for each sub-base dilapidation, which, due to the heavy storms Portola experienced, has caused the potholes that riddle the city’s roads.

“The bids for the needed asphalt, base rock and transportation to bring the materials into Portola have already been sent out and should be completed prior to the arrival of the equipment,” Roberts noted.

Once the equipment arrives and the training is completed, the SBD’s will each be treated as a separate project, up to Caltrans standards. Each SBD will need an in-depth recording process similar to a CEQA environmental assessment on each SBD.

The asphalt crew will be grinding the damage created by the SBD in each location, grinding out the base rock, replacing the base rock, and then compacting newly ground asphalt with a roller.

The plan at this time is to get the bus routes done first, according to Roberts, and then the city council plans to set up a committee to prioritize the rest of the city roads for repair. “We’re going to be doing the work a block at a time,” Roberts said. “Each section of road will be blocked off for construction for an estimated two to three days per block, depending on the level of the storm damages on each section of road.”

The work will continue throughout the summer and as late into the year as weather will permit, until repairs are complete.

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