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Portola Railroad Days needs your support!

Portola Railroad Days needs your support! This will be Portola’s 36th annual Railroad Days festival; a free community event to celebrate the end of summer with a parade, concerts and events for kids and adults alike.

This year has seen a dramatic decrease in volunteers and not just with Railroad Days. Service organizations throughout the area cite lack of volunteers for hampering efforts to support their charitable projects. Many vendors are reaching an age where they are retiring and/or leaving the area to be closer to family and in some cases leaving California entirely to relocate to a more financially advantageous state.

Additionally, all vendors and community organizations must have appropriate insurance coverage and this is proving to be an ever-increasing hurdle. Please come out and support YOUR community to keep this festival alive.

While the city of Portola funds the behind-the-scenes public works aspects, i.e. all venue expenses, staffing for street closures and traffic direction; funding for all other activities comes exclusively from donations. Many sponsors are reluctant to provide support due to a downturn in their own business, competition amongst organizations for every donated dollar, looking for a hard return on their investment and providing community support isn’t enough justification.

Portola Railroad Days thanks its continuing annual supporters: Sierra Promotions, Lost Sierra Chamber of Commerce, Graeagle Lions Club, Leonard’s Market, Pete Rhode Sound & PA and Bordertown.

Bucket raffle

Instead of competing against each other, we ask that service organizations wishing to hold a fundraiser raffle during the 2018 Portola Railroad Days consider participating in our Bucket Raffle. Add your community service or fund-raising organization to the raffle and add to the fun.

Service organizations collect prizes for their bucket(s) and of course make them as attractive as possible. Whether it’s a fabulous looking enormous basket of special goodies or a collection of certificates for a spa weekend — only limited by your imagination! All prizes will be on display in the information booth during the event along with their associated bucket. The better the prize, the more tickets WE sell, and the more tickets YOU get in your bucket.

Individuals can buy tickets from any participating organization or from the information booth during Portola Railroad Days. Service organizations turn all ticket sales and unused tickets in to the event committee. Individuals place tickets in the bucket or buckets corresponding to the prizes they want to win. One ticket is drawn from each bucket to win that prize and service organizers reap the benefits based on the number of tickets in their bucket(s). The money is distributed back dollar per ticket based on the accumulated number of tickets in each bucket. And of course, we have customized raffle tickets available solely for use in our bucket raffle.

Volunteers needed

What can you do to help? We ask that individuals consider donating their time — even an hour or two makes a difference. Volunteers are needed from now until the days of the event and range from vendor check-in, information booth coverage, parade check-in, sign posting, to flyer distribution.

Most importantly, come out Friday and Saturday, Aug. 24 and 25, to support your community, the city, and Eastern Plumas County by enjoying our great little park, some great music and family fun. And be sure to join us on Sunday, Aug. 26 for the Willie Tate Memorial Run/Walk for charity!

To find out more, visit our website at PortolaRailroadDays.com or send an email to [email protected].

12 thoughts on “Portola Railroad Days needs your support!

  • Volunteerism is dying in this country and Plumas County is no exception. Look at the lack of volunteer firefighters in this county. The city of Portola doesn’t even have a fire department at present. Eastern Plumas Rural FD has been covering for Portola FD. So sad. It is the changing times and the changing of the guard between the different age groups. The millennials have no interest or skills nor the spirit or patriotism to step up. Good luck Portola. Hope it works out.

    • They had plenty of volunteer firefighters but the city screwed the dept over and treated everyone lol pieces of shit, this city is a joke these days

  • Portola not having a fire department has nothing to do with lack of volunteers. You can all thank the city for that with their great wisdom. We had a great volunteer dept. Until the city thought they were better than the people that were actually on the dept and knew what they were doing. And it doesn’t help when you have the chief of eastern plumas fire spreading false statements about us.

    • It didn’t take anyone making statements, so stop blaming others. You all can look in the mirror and see who was to blame! Own up to your mistakes…

  • If you want talk about the Portola Fire Dept then get your own article or editorial, don’t hijack a good article intended to help the railroad days with your drama. It’s like PRO/CON pot and helicopter people hijacking articles that at best have a vague relevance to them, as did this one with the word “Volunteer”. Your comments lose credence when you sound like nothing more than a bunch of disgruntled former employees or released volunteers . If your complaints are valid than get what you feel are the facts out there in their proper context in the proper forum.

  • Those firefighter gave so much to the community. They helped out so much. Not with just responding to calls. They were the backbone of the community. Good job City. Looks like the City manager needs to go.

    • 100 percent correct!!!

  • Apparently no one gets that the article is about the Portola Railroad Days and NOT the Fire Dept. Amazing, LOL

    • Just about all of the volunteer help for railroad days was from the firefighters association. So on top of the time the Volunteer firefighters spent training to be firefighters, and responding to calls, they also helped support community functions like Railroad, the train museum, and Portola High School, so now there is a huge void to fill, and they are directly related to each other.

      • WOW….are you really oblivious to what was really going on..we are better off without them. Check around, ask Portola business people what they think.
        Community, get off your couches and support Railroad Days!

  • Please .. enough with poor past fire department volunteers that allowed the equipment to fall to ruin AND left the people of this town with qualified, certified medical responders. They blame everyone put themselves of course. This is our town..support it!
    Railroad Days is a community event so stop your BS and help

  • I was so annoyed, I meant to say “without” qualified medical responders. You are lucky the City Council you keep criticizing doesn’t write an article in the paper that fully exposes what actually happened.

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