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Potholes in Portola filled as North Loop Project gets underway

The North Loop project is well underway, with a plan to reconstruct Joy Way in Portola between West Street and Beckwith Street. 

At the Wednesday, June 14 meeting of the City of Portola council, City Engineer Dan Bastian reported that Q&D Construction LLC had performed pothole work in the North Loop Phase 1 project area from April 12 to April 13 ‘on time, within the budget, and to a high standard.’ 

The work completed includes the surface preparation of potholes on Joy Way and adjacent side roads in the project area, as well as hydro vacuuming potholes to the water or sewer utility and repairing the potholes with an uncompacted aggregate base. 

A total of 32 potholes have been repaired in the project area, and according to Bastian, the patching material used by the contractor was properly completed, resulting in a smooth and non-durable surface. 

Portola STIP, or State Transportation Improvement Project funds, are being utilized to pay for the work, and a progress payment of $75,177.04 was approved for Q&D Construction at the council meeting on June 14. 

“We are at the point now where the fireworks will be starting pretty soon,” Bastian reported at the meeting. Bastian noted that there are two water mains in the road where pothole work has been completed, one twelve inches and one six inches. “I’m not as worried about water leaks with the twelve-inch line, but the six-inch line is asbestos cement and is a little bit more fragile,” Bastian explained. “The potholes that have been completed are ones that we went in and located all of the infrastructure to assure ourselves we would be above them.”

Bastian noted that as the work has continued, he has made a concerted effort to speak to residents that may be affected by the work on the street, with no reported negative response.

The project is a complete rehabilitation of the road, according to Bastian, including concrete, curb, gutter, and sidewalk on both sides. To view the project area, click here. 


“We’ll have access to disability ramps at each corner. There will be bicycle lanes on both sides as well. The project time is expected to take 120 days, and we will likely be done by the end of September,” Bastian explained. 

Specifically, according to Bastian, there will be two twelve-foot lanes on the rehabilitated road, with minimum bicycle lanes on either side, and parking will not be permitted on Joy Way in the future.

The North Loop project will be further discussed at a regular meeting of the City of Portola City Council on the evening of Wednesday, June 28, at 6 p.m. at 35 Third Ave. in Portola.

Meetings are also accessible for viewing via live streaming at https://zoom.us/j/3583067836 or by phone at 1.669.900.6833; meeting ID 358 306 7836. 

For more information, visit https://www.cityofportola.com/. 

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