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Power to most customers impacted by safety shutoffs restored system-wide

Pacific Gas and Electric Company announced Oct. 12 that more than 99.5 percent of customers impacted by the Public Safety Power Shutoff (PSPS) that began on Wednesday now have their power restored.

Less than 2,500 customers remain without power due to the PSPS, and the company expects that they will be restored later today, pending any need to repair damage found.

Approximately 738,000 total customers were impacted by the PSPS event across 34 counties in PG&E’s service area from Humboldt County on the North Coast to Kern County in Southern California.

PG&E initiated a PSPS shortly after midnight on Wednesday due to dry, windy weather across its service area. Wind gusts in excess of 70 miles per hour were recorded Wednesday evening and into Thursday. The patrol and restoration process started once the “all clear” signal was given, indicating that restoration could begin.

To date, PG&E has confirmed 50 instances of weather-related damage to its system in the PSPS-impacted areas, and the company has either completed or is working to complete those repairs. Examples include downed lines and vegetation on power lines.

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