Pre-approved house plans available for fire victims

The Plumas County Building Department has announced, in partnership with local designers, that it is offering a pre-approved single family dwelling plan program for victims of the Beckwourth and Dixie fires.

Please keep in mind, a permit can be applied for at any time, but before the permit can be issued a lot must have received final lot clean up certification. At this time there are 10 different plan sets available for viewing  — from just over 600 square feet to just under 1,800 square feet. Following are details of the program:

The pre-approved plan program is only for use by residents within the Beckwourth or Dixie fire perimeters who lost a home that was recorded on the CalFire DINS report. The plans are not for new home construction on lots within the fire perimeters that had no residences before the fires. They are also not for use for new home construction outside the Beckwourth and Dixie fire perimeters.

  • Interested applicants would come into the Building Department to look at the floor plans and elevations to choose what plan they like. Due to copyright laws, these plans will not be posted on any County media outlet, and taking images of the plans within the permitting center will not be allowed. The plan books are also not allowed to leave the permit center.
  • Applicants would then contact the designer to obtain a set of construction documents for submittal or arrange for the designer to submit for them.
  • Residential fire sprinklers and solar are required for a complete submittal to the Building Department for permit. The selected construction plan Designer or your Contractor could help you with selecting a provider for these designs and services or you could obtain them yourself. These can be a deferred submittal, but these plans must be into the Building department for review and approval before the inspection for rough framing, plumbing, electrical, and mechanical. There is an exemption to the solar mandate until 2023, but permits for construction would need to be submitted no later than December 30, 2022. NOTE: Permits not issued within a year of submittal will expire.
  • The Applicant will contract with the design professional in regard to costs for the construction drawings and site specific site plan.
  • Once a complete application and submittal documents are received and entered into the system, Planning will review for comment, or approval. Any approved available plan options must be selected by the time of application.
  • If the submittal is complete, The Building Department will then do a quick review to verify there were no changes to the submitted set from the pre-approved set and issue the permit if no changes were made, and the property cleanup completion certificate is on file.
  • Because of using a pre-approved set of plans the normal plan review fee that makes up the majority of the building permit fee can be reduced to 20% of what the normal plan review would be. The fee reduction does not apply to manufactured home construction regulated by the State Department of Housing and Community Development.
  • If any changes are made to a pre-approved plan set the time for review will be at $147 per hour, minimum of a half-hour will be charged.For further information and questions about permitting, please call the building department’s main line at (530) 283-7011; visit the office at 555 Main St., Quincy, weekdays 8 a.m.-5 p.m. or visit