Golf instructor Jeremy Dunkason instructs each golf player on the fine art and science of hitting the ball during the weekly boys’ golf clinic held at Lake Almanor Country Club on July 24. Pictured from left, junior golfers Brian Funk, 7; Rikky Hobbs, 11; John Bahorski, 10; Brady Bahorski, 9; Trevor Schuler, 8, and Tristan Schuler, 9, all with family homes in Lake Almanor. Photos by Stacy Fisher

Pro teaches youngsters the science and art of golf

A PGA member for over 30 years, Lake Almanor Country Club head golf professional Jeremy Dunkason instructs both the boys’ golf clinic on Wednesdays and the girls’ golf clinic on Thursdays in a practice area provided by the LACC.

Although the free golf clinics will end for the season Aug. 7 for the boys and Aug. 8 for the girls, youngsters interested in learning the fundamentals of golf can still participate until then. Otherwise clinics will begin again next year starting in June. There’s no need to register, he noted, “Just show up.”

Dunkason provides individual attention and unwavering patience to help players attain their golfing aspirations — or just to learn the game for the fun of it.

He said he started playing the game of golf at the age of 14, and today applies his years of knowledge of the sport instructing kids ages 8 to 16 in learning everything from putting to chipping, and of course practicing their golf swings, often using humor as part of his teaching method.


“I do my best to share with the kids my knowledge of proper technique, and let them know golf is a sport they can play the rest of their lives,” he said.

Dunkason said he imparts to his golf students his philosophy that there are three things that are necessary in order to be successful in any endeavor — not only in realizing excellent scores in the sport of golf, but striving to achieve excellence in all other aspects of life.

To succeed “one must start with having the ability, and secondly one must take advantage of opportunities that come your way or creating your own opportunities, and finally a desire to keep working to improve yourself no matter what you do in life.”

It’s been a busy summer teaching players at all levels, Dunkason said, adding that he is also available for individual one-on-one instruction by contacting him during the year at 945-3194 or via email: [email protected]


Five of his past student golfers have gone on “to earn Division 1 athletic scholarships due to their excellent performance in the game of golf,” Dunkason noted, “and two were on the PGA tour for a short time” when they became young adults, adding that, “I take a lot of pride in my junior golfers.”