The school district has declared as surplus its property at 1093 Lee Road at the corner of Industrial Way in Quincy and will begin procedures to remove it from the PUSD inventory. Interested parties should contact the school district for more information. Photo by Angelina Wilson

PUSD approves staff raises, names Lee Road property as surplus

Following on its recent agreement with the Plumas County Teachers Association (PCTA) to approve raises for educators from 2019 through 2022, the Plumas County Unified School District’s County Office of Education and Governing Board of Trustees voted 5-0 on July 10 to increase administrative staff salaries at the same rates.

Continuing established practices that have been in place for some time, Trustees Leslie Edlund, president of the board; Joleen Cline; Dave Keller; Dwight Pierson and Traci Holt, clerk of the board, approved the raises as follows.

The vote provides a 3 percent raise for unrepresented management employees during the 2019-20 school year and a 2 percent raise in 2020-21.

The approval includes no specific pay increase for 2021-22, but does provide contingency language for a 0-to-2 percent raise if the district’s financial reserves are maintained at a minimum of 17 percent or above.


For the district’s classified staff, that is the noncredentialed or certificated staff who are not teachers, the trustees were informed that a bilateral agreement with the California School Employees Association (CSEA) Chapter 230 expired June 30, 2019. All sections of the agreement may be opened for negotiations.

Both the County Office of Education and the school district are proposing the same salary increases for CSEA members as were negotiated with the PCTA union.

The CSEA agreement covers a wide range of PUSD employees, from clerical and support staff to aides, food service staff, maintenance workers and more.

At the time of the trustees’ meeting, which was held at the district office in Quincy, no CSEA proposal had yet been received. The County Office of Education and the district anticipate bringing the item back to the school board for a vote at the Aug. 14 meeting.

In other business, the governing board voted unanimously to declare a district-owned building at 1093 Lee Road on the corner of Industrial Way in Quincy as surplus property.


The district anticipated immediately beginning the process of providing legal notices and taking appropriate steps to negotiate new ownership of the property.

For more information, call PUSD at 283-6500.