PUSD reports six positive cases from Nov. 1-2

Plumas Unified School District has announced six more cases thus far this week, with three reported Nov. 1 and three reported Nov. 2.

Plumas Unified shares this information, just as Feather River College does, to be transparent with the community. Plumas News is asked why information from other institutions — such as county agencies or other organizations isn’t reported — and that’s because they choose not to share that information and they are not required to do so.

The latest cases from Plumas Unified are:

Alder campus of Quincy Elementary:  Two reported on Nov. 1, and 1 reported today Nov. 2

Portola Junior-Senior High School: One reported on Nov. 1, and two reported on Nov. 2

The district is working with the Public Health Agency to contact trace and notify those who could be impacted. During this morning’s Board of Supervisors meeting, Public Health Director Dana Loomis said that his agency is hiring more contact tracers to help with the backload of cases in the county, as well as in anticipation of a possible winter surge. In addition, the California Department of Public Health is helping with the county’s contact tracing.

In order to provide more transparency, Plumas Unified provides the following COVID-19 Dashboard (link here)