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PUSD updates communities on school site improvements

The Plumas Unified School District has issued a welcome spring update on its many Measure B projects for families, school staff and community members.

With so many repairs and improvements underway throughout the county school properties, interest in their progress is keen.

“The passage of Measure B has allowed us the opportunity to dream and envision what our schools could look like five to 10 years from now,” PUSD Superintendent Terry Oestreich wrote in the update.

“We are excited about the possibilities that have been presented within our communities,” she added, citing the multiple [school] board meetings at which PUSD has discussed options to maximize bond funds, prioritize projects and focus on “the essentials of 21st century classroom teaching and learning.”

Oestreich further explained that PUSD has committed to Measure B project plans that will “provide our students, staff, parents and community with great pride in our schools,” and noted it will take time to accomplish these goals.

Emphasizing that patience is appreciated as the site work evolves, the superintendent talked about realizing a collective “joy of our efforts when all the projects are completed.”

The Measure B process is an ambitious undertaking for PUSD and the district is now working with a designated project manager, Kevin Nolen, of the PBK Architectural and Engineering design firm.

All PUSD school sites will eventually receive new furniture in every classroom and many additional upgrades not listed here are still being planned.

Oestreich explained the process has taken many hours of discussion and said, “We appreciate the patience of our communities over the last three months. As more information is determined we will keep all informed.”

C. Roy Carmichael Elementary School

Priorities at this site include an electrical panel upgrade and a design for a new marquee. They have “piloted” a classroom of new furniture designed to foster 21st Century learning and teaching styles and each classroom is scheduled to receive new furniture in summer 2018.

CRC will receive an intruder-alert system installation in four to six weeks and surveillance cameras are being ordered as soon as possible. New window coverings and cafeteria tables have been installed. Seven classroom roofs and the office/staff lounge roofs have already been replaced.

Chester Elementary School

CHS has been measured for window coverings and an old pump house will be demolished within the next six weeks.

New front steps have been completed along with outfitting a pilot classroom with new furniture. New fencing will be installed along the back side of the playground.  The district is moving forward with design work for roof and classroom upgrades.

Chester Junior-Senior High School

CJSHS window coverings have been ordered and athletic field fencing installed. The interior of the school was painted over the December break.

The staff parking lot will be repaired and design work will begin on the gym. A pilot classroom received new furniture.

Indian Valley K-12 schools

Greenville Junior-Senior High School has received upgrades to the gym and window coverings are in the process of being ordered.

Pilot classrooms have been set up with new furniture at both GJSHS and Indian Valley Elementary School.

Pioneer Elementary School

The Pioneer site will require upgrades including exterior paint, flooring and landscaping in preparation for the QES students and staff. An old barn south of the main campus is scheduled to be demolished in the next four weeks.

QES renovations will require PUSD to put plans for expansion of programs at Pioneer on hold.

Plumas County Community School

PCCS has received window coverings and is in the process of designing its updated classroom furniture.

Portola Junior-Senior High School

This site has received new window coverings and PUSD will proceed with the baseball field and frontage landscaping designs, including repairs to sidewalks and parking areas.

Surveillance cameras are being discussed and will be ordered as soon as possible. Classroom furniture that was purchased with site money last year has been reimbursed to the school site.

Quincy Elementary School

QES will be temporarily relocating to Pioneer School to allow for roofing and renovating of the QES facility. The possibility of completing the needed repairs and upgrades within phases was discussed; however, in consideration of safety, efficiency, cost and time, PUSD will begin the design plans for the entire facility as soon as possible.

The process to address many details in preparation for the 2018-19 school year has been initiated and site stakeholders will be convened as soon as possible to ensure all elements of the relocation to Pioneer will be addressed prior to the move.

Window coverings have also been measured and cafeteria tables ordered.

Quincy Junior-Senior High School

The QJSHS gyms will be modernized and the design process will take place over the next four months. The district update suggested that if one gym can be completed and the second gym be updated as a phased project, that plan will be taken into consideration.

Three portables are currently being demolished to prepare for the installation of a greenhouse. The school also has a pilot classroom with new furniture and window coverings have been measured.

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