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From left, Alma Gomez, Deborah Russell and Paul Abbott are serious about getting their performances just right. Photo by Victoria Metcalf

QES kindergartners sing and dance their way toward the holidays

Kindergarten students at Quincy Elementary School sent parents, grandparents and other spectators home for the holidays with smiles on their faces and songs in their hearts.

Three TK and kindergarten instructors got together this year in the 2019 Winter Fest Performance the morning of Thursday, Dec. 19.

Kathy Whitaker’s class danced to the Pan Flute from Putumayo Kids. Next they sang, “The World is a Rainbow.”

Arlene Stahman’s class then took the stage for a brief nap as they performed the “Sugar Plum Fairy.” Students were all dressed up in their jammies and carried a stuffed animal. Next they sang “We Wish You.”

Christina Russo’s class danced an Irish jig and then sang, “I Made a Snowman.”

In what has become a tradition, Mrs. Stahlman did a Maori Drums Entrance and Na Waka Poi Ball Dance for the students and audience.

Finally, all classes participated in a Te Manu Pukarua Tahitian dance. Parents were then invited to find their children and dance together.

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