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Elizabeth Cruse poses with one of the quilts that will be featured during the Cabin Fever Quilt Guild’s annual Quilt Walk. Photo submitted.

Quilt Guild kicks off Quilt Walk

The Cabin Fever Quilt Guild is holding its 25th annual Quilt Walk with work displayed at various merchants around the Eastern Plumas area, leading up to the Guild’s Quilt Show titled “Silver Anniversary” on April 22 and 23, at Father Burns Hall, 100 Pine St., in Portola. Admission is $6.

The Quilt Walk will have work on display at participating merchants, including the newly re-opened Gumba’s in Graeagle, where Elizabeth Cruse and her husband Matt are re-opening in honor of Elizabeth’s father. Quilts can be seen at Gumba’s every day except Tuesdays.

Quilt Walk Participating Merchants


Williams House Museum

Coffee Tree

Tangles Salon

Dr. Garibotti

Addie’s Floral Cottage

Sanford Chiropractic

Krissy’s Kloset

Homestead Fabrics

Blue Petunia

Sharon’s Café

Family Corner Restaurant



Wooly Notions

Briar Patch


Graeagle Mercantile

Graeagle Restaurant

Buckaroo Chocolates


Graeagle Lighting

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