Sixth-grader Skylar McCarthy, front left, earned Quincy Elementary School’s Principal’s Recognition Award for her academic excellence and outstanding citizenship during the February school board meeting. Skylar’s family (shown here) including parents Greg and Carlie and brother Cooper, celebrated with her. Photo submitted

Quincy Elementary 6th-grader Skylar McCarthy earns Principal’s Recognition Award

By Roni Java

Special to Plumas News

Skylar McCarthy, a sixth-grader at Quincy Elementary School (QES), was celebrated for her outstanding academic performance and excellent citizenship during the February broadcast of the Plumas Unified School District’s (PUSD) Governing Board of Trustees meeting.

During the Zoom teleconference, school board members congratulated Skylar for the exemplary achievements that earned her the distinguished Principal’s Recognition Award.


“It brings me great joy this evening to introduce you to our recipient, Skylar McCarthy,” QES Principal Lara Hollister told the board, smiling. “Skylar has become a wonderful leader of our school, especially during the past year when things were so difficult for her fellow students. She and her fellow site council members have contributed to fun events, family challenges and activities that have helped move the student body forward in a time when we might have just put things on hold.”

The principal complimented her for coordinating a Quincy Elementary holiday scavenger hunt and said Skylar involved her whole family in the fun. “That was a fan favorite,” Hollister said. “She kept us entertained on social media for days with their fun costumes and dances, including her little brother, Cooper, who appeared as the Grinch!”

Skylar has the strong support of her family — including her grandparents, parents Carlie and Greg McCarthy and little brother Cooper — as well as her Quincy Elementary teachers and staff, Principal Hollister explained, adding that the student excels academically in many ways.

“Skylar’s teacher considers her a “delight to have in class,” she said. “Her kindness, her organization, her willingness to ask questions and an ability to lead by example are only a few of the wonderful qualities that express Skylar’s character.”


The principal also shared acknowledgments from parents Carlie and Greg.

“We are proud of Skylar,” they commented. “She strives to do her best in school, is considerate of her peers, enjoys helping others and is a natural leader.”

The family cited Skylar’s hard work on projects and activities from student council sports to Girl Scouts and even starting her own “multitude of businesses” or helping neighbors in her community. Skylar’s parents noted she has friends of all ages and said, “Her kindness positively influences those around her, including us and her little brother. Way to go, Sky!”

Skylar’s grandparents also offered their congratulations during the trustees’ meeting, saying they are very proud of her and she has benefited “so much from learning and living in a giving and caring community. Skylar has taken these lessons and turned them into kind actions. She makes a difference.”

Hollister agreed. “Congratulations and dream big Sky,” the principal said. “With your work ethic and growth mindset, you can do anything! We’re all very proud of you and we look forward to a bright future for you. Thank you!”


The Plumas County Unified School District and its County Office of Education trustees and staff enjoy recognizing exceptional pupils who do well academically and also accomplish great things both in and out of school.

The Principal’s Recognition Award honors outstanding students who display the characteristics that PUSD’s governing board promotes in its mission statement and within the vision adopted for Plumas schools and students countywide.

Each school chooses to award a student for demonstrating personal achievement. The honor recognizes students for developing the skills necessary to be self-directed, productive and responsible citizens.