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Kaitlynn Miller peeks above the table as she sells her cookies when she was a Brownie; her first year she sold 1,750 boxes.

Quincy Girl Scout sells 2,062 boxes of cookies

Kaitlynn Miller surpassed her goal of 2,000 and sold 2,062 boxes of Girl Scout cookies. This year she used a cart to help her with cookie sales. Photos submitted

She went desk-to-desk and door-to-door. She sat in front of grocery stores and stood in front of the post office. She rolled her cookie cart down the street and picked up orders online.

When the last box of Thin Mints had been delivered, Kaitlynn Miller, 10, had sold 2,062 boxes of Girl Scout cookies — 62 more than her 2,000-box goal.

This was Kaitlynn’s fourth year to sell cookies. In her rookie year, as a Brownie, she sold 1,750 boxes, and then 1,550 and 1,632 in the following years. This year she set her sights on the elusive 2,000 boxes, and as she got closer to her goal, friends and neighbors helped.

“The community was so supportive,” her mom Laura said. “The closer she got, they wanted to make sure she was successful.”

When asked about her best-selling cookie, Kaitlynn said, “I sold a lot of Samoas; we ran out of those first.”

She added that the Thin Mints were also popular as were the Savannah Smiles (lemon) and Tag-a-longs (peanut butter.)

Kaitlynn’s experience is similar to national preferences. Girl Scouts reports that 25 percent of its cookie sales are Thin Mints, while 19 percent are Samoas. Tag-a-longs follow at 11 percent.

How does Kaitlynn store and keep track of 2,000-plus boxes of cookies?

Mom Laura said that in years past, the cookies dominated their home, but this year she enlisted her sister’s garage. They also use color-coded thank-you notes to help with delivery. For example the courthouse has one color, while the sheriff’s office has another.

For her efforts, Kaitlynn will receive an action camera and a trip to Disneyland.

But Kaitlynn wasn’t the only successful cookie seller; combined the Quincy Girl Scout Troop sold 3,882 boxes.

For those who are wondering about the most boxes of cookies ever sold, that honor goes to Oklahoma City native Katie Francis. She visited the Tonight Show last March, with one goal in mind — to sell her 101,106th box of cookies. And she did; Jimmy Fallon bought a box of Samoas.

Sometimes it helps to be in costume. This is a photo of Kaitlynn Miller in 2017 ready to sell some Thin Mints.

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  • Way to go Kaitlyn. Not only did you earn yourself a trip to Disneyland, you also earned over $1000 for your troop. Money that will fund troop activities, craft supplies, badges and patches for your uniforms. Girl Scouts is an awesome experience for girls. Kudos also to the GS volunteers and parents that make this happen.

  • That’s the beauty of legalized marijuana…. munchies!!!!!!

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