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Quincy man donates $10,000 to Plumas County Museum

Quincy resident David A. Heppler made a $10,000 donation to the Plumas County Museum Association on Jan. 28.

A 50-year resident of Plumas County, David made the donation to the Plumas County Museum Association in recognition of members’ efforts in collecting, preserving, and interpreting the history of Plumas County, and because he thinks “the Museum is doing a great service to the people of Plumas County by being a repository of their collective, county-wide history and is just such a neat place,” and wants to support them in their continuing endeavors.

David’s interest in the Plumas County Museum started over 20 years ago while working on the restoration of the Museum’s 1878 Variel Home, and seeing the community effort to fund that project helped set him on the path of success. David feels that this is one way he can give back to the community and help keep local Plumas County history alive, and the donation will be earmarked for a dedicated Artifact Accessioning and Conservation lab at the Museum.

Assistant Director Paul Russell  accepted the donation on behalf of the Plumas County Museum Association.



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