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Quincy man needs your help detailing the replication of the historic Quincy Hotel

Longtime Quincy resident Wayne Benedict is working on a special project — he is constructing a very detailed model replica of the historic Quincy Hotel — but he needs your help.

He explained that he first got interested in building structures from wood as a “hobby” after he and his wife vacationed in Holland. They were fascinated by the variety of windmills, some free standing and others attached to houses, so when they returned and since he has worked with wood much of his entire life, he decided he wanted to build wooden displays replicating these windmills.

Now, after creating some 40 different replicas of a variety of subjects, including the windmill shown here, Benedict is now going to build a scaled model of the iconic Quincy Hotel. But he added that the most important element to his work is to make sure his reproduction reflects the detail as accurately as possible.

That’s where you might come in: He would like to hear from anyone who remembers the Quincy Hotel, inside and out, including the coffee shop and Happy Hollow bar. He wants the finished product to display as much detail as possible, including the type of roof, shingles or asphalt, color of the paint or stain used on the outside of the establishment and anything else “… some of the old timers might remember about the hotel.”

He has researched all the county historical records and has several photos of the hotel but still has a number of questions regarding some of the details of the structure. If you think you can help he invites you to call him at 283-0943 to share what you remember that might help further authenticate this model. When finished, he hopes to have it displayed at a key public location for decades to come.

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