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Photo courtesy Quincy Chamber of Commerce

Quincy – Reader shares her thoughts on the town in verse

I’ve lived most of my life in Los Angeles, however I was born in Paradise and nearly all of my family have lived in Quincy. My grandfather was Fred Pierson, a Quincy Volunteer Fireman for 45 years as well as a mechanic for PG&E in Quincy for many years. My grandmother was Nancy Pierson, a teacher in Greenville as well as Quincy. I’ve visited Quincy throughout my whole life, and I was inspired to write a poem about it. So, I thought to share the poem in the hope of spreading the message of how special this place is to me. — Miranda Clarity




small town

close community

quaint, serene, peaceful


special place of my heritage

a place with many memories

a place of nature


nestled in the Sierra mountains

settled in the American Valley

it still has that old town feel


its beauty still shines from within

to all those without, it is not marred

by the dull concrete slabs of modern times


it is still a town of family and friends

a town of kind people, a people

who respect life, respect nature


wildlife abounds—the bluejays

the woodpeckers, the doves, the geese

the ducks, the ravens and the crows


the foxes, the bears

and the deer—both

the stag and the doe


seasons of time

seasons of beauty

all here in this place


from spring to summer

to autumn and fall to icy winter

I love it all


the courthouse, the museum

where so many relics

of my family rest


Gansner Park, Spanish Creek, Sweet Lorraine’s

Moons, Carrie’s Candy, the Wildflower Café

Patti’s Morning Thunder and Grandma Jane’s


each has a memory

each owns a special place

in my heart


just as this town

is a home to me

my home away from home


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