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Registration closes May 27 for nursing summer course

Plumas County has a dire need for CNAs and Feather River College offers an opportunity to join this field.

Registration closes on May 27 for the Summer Course – NURS 100: Nurse’s Aide (CNA), which is a prerequisite for the Vocational Nursing Program at FRC. This class prepares students to take the licensure exam or Competency Evaluation Examination. Early registration is highly encouraged and anyone 16 years of age or older is welcome!

Darlene Oertle, Allied Health Director says that, “Healthcare demand for qualified nurses is growing, not only related to the pandemic, but due to the need to care for an aging population. Nurses make up the largest section of the health profession, which can be up to 30 percent of total hospital employment!”

This means that the time is now for those interested in starting their journey in this rewarding career. Nancy Moore, Nursing Instructor at FRC mentions that, “A student would benefit from starting their healthcare journey during the summer at FRC because it’ll give them a glimpse of the healthcare world with hands-on practice and smaller class sizes. In addition, if students choose to continue on the path they’ve chosen, they can enjoy plenty of one on one communication and direction from Allied Health instructors.”

This single course is only offered during the summer, so act now. FRC offers many affordable classes that can be flexible to fit your individual schedules. If you are interested, you can learn more about this opportunity at frc.edu/alliedhealth

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