Scheels in Reno donated nearly $1,000 in snow clothes to the children impacted by the Dixie Fire in the Greenville area. Photo submitted

Reno store gives snow clothes to Greenville kids

Editor’s note: The Sierra Institute and Plumas Rural Services have been working to provide for those impacted by the Dixie Fire. As part of that effort Kate Ayres went to Reno to purchase cold weather clothes for area kids. Following is her story:

By Kate Ayres

I was helping out by shopping for some cold weather clothes for a group of children from the Greenville area who lost everything in the fire this last summer. I was doing this on behalf of the folks at the Plumas County Resource Center operating under Plumas County Rural Services and the Sierra Institute.

I went to Scheels to see if they could help me out and they could! There were sales people who were so incredibly helpful in picking out the sizes they had from my list. All I had to do was push the cart around to collect what they were pulling off the racks for me! As I was waiting in line to pay for the 22 pairs of snow pants and bib-overalls Kayleigh had picked out for me, a man came up to me and asked what I was doing. I explained my purpose to him as the cashier was adding up my purchases. I heard someone say that the store was going to see if they could help me out in any way … I was very grateful that they were considering giving me a discount beyond the already low marked sale prices. Then I heard someone say “all this is on us today.”


I looked up and realized they were speaking to me! I was literally speechless and my jaw really did drop! They asked me if “that would be alright with me?” When I could speak I said “yes!”

Scheels donated almost $1000 worth of snow pants to some of the victims of the fire that devastated the Greenville area. I am forever grateful to the manager of the store that made that decision to be so generous. I am just sorry I didn’t think to get their name but if they hear or see this they will know who they are and know that there are some warm kids that would be cold if it weren’t for their generosity!