From left are Sierra County Sheriff’s Detective Mike Fisher, Republican Women President Marlene Nelson, Plumas County Sheriff Greg Hagwood and Plumas County Assistant Sheriff Dean Canalia. The September meeting was held at Nakoma Resort in Clio. Photo by Joe Hagwood

Republican Women hear about hazards of growing marijuana

Marijuana cultivation dangers were discussed at the September meeting of the Plumas County Republican Women Federated.

Sierra County Sheriff’s Detective Mike Fisher, accompanied by Plumas County Sheriff Greg Hagwood and Assistant Sheriff Dean Canalia, led the discussion.

Fisher said dangers include the use of pesticides, chemicals and fertilizers; butane in labs; and the impacts on the environment. He also discussed the hazards of having large stores of marijuana, the danger drug trafficking organizations represent with weapons and ammunition, large stores of cash and the temptation that can have to others.

4 thoughts on “Republican Women hear about hazards of growing marijuana

  • Get over it Hagwood, cannabis is legal. Now how about going after the meth labs and opiod users?

  • It’s always 420 for the Republicans…. smoke a bowl and let Trump handle it… stop the weed hate and focus on fentanyl and meth and heroin and OxyContin

  • 420

  • Based on the list of dangers(“pesticides, chemicals, fertilizers; butane in labs; impacts on the environment, large stores of marijuana, the danger drug trafficking organizations, large stores of cash and the temptation that can have to others”), an objective, sober examination of the facts would lead any reasonable person to conclude that legalization is the best and possibly the only real solution to these problems. Do we want to regulate all of these things or leave it up to illegal profiteers to regulate themselves?
    Pesticides, chemicals, fertilizers, butane in labs and all impacts on the environment would all be tightly regulated and enforced by the Bureau of Marijuana Regulation, which is funded from taxes gathered from the sales of legal cannabis, whereas illegal growers have zero consideration of these concepts or culpability for not taking them into account. There would no longer be large stores of marijuana to tempt would be thieves like there is now, under Prop 64, growers would not be allowed to store harvested cannabis on the premises, it would be transported, by a separate party, to the point of sale and planning is underway in some places, to create a banking system to provide a safe place to store profits, so that there would be no large stores of cash like there are now with illegal grows(…a-dispensaries ).
    Banning commercial growing would not address any of these issues, people will grow regardless of whether its legal or not and unscrupulous individuals will continue to commit violent crimes to steal from growers. If we allow for legal commercial growing we receive funding to law enforcement as well as code enforcement to help with environmental and public safety issues.
    So I guess the question is, do Plumas citizens want to work on solutions to these problems, or continue on path we are on now? Do we except the violent crime and environmental degradation of public lands, or stand up and take Plumas county back into our own hands? Why would we continue to do the same thing that got us to this point? What we have been doing hasn’t worked, this is an established fact.
    “The definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over again, but expecting different results”. Einstein(or Benjamin Franklin or Mark Twain; the jury is still out)

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