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Residents offer goodwill gesture to Frontier workers

Gigi’s Market’s Ginger Gamble holds up the first donation jar to show appreciation to the “kind and understanding” technicians who work for Frontier who often take a lot of abuse aimed at Frontier’s service in Indian Valley. Photo submitted

It’s often been said: “Don’t kill the messenger” when you’re receiving bad news. Pat Bradley and Ginger Gamble are taking that idea one step further.

As Frontier Communications’ Internet speeds in Indian Valley continue to slow dance at the party like it’s 1999 — or perhaps 1993 — customers can get really and understandably irate. It is frustrating to pay for one internet connection and speed and be receiving quite another.

But it’s not the fault of the four technicians who are frequently called — and sometimes verbally abused — as representatives of Frontier. There have been plenty of complaints about the customer service number not being helpful to local residents.

Pat Bradley and Ginger Gamble decided that perhaps those men in the white trucks could use some goodwill.

“After two months and eight to 10 work orders later through the Frontier Customer Service phone number, I tracked down a field tech and [my problem] was fixed in two hours. The techs here had not gotten a single one of my work orders. That was 10-plus hours on the phone and three appointments [which] they [customer service] never kept,” said an exasperated Bradley.

Bradley was grateful, like many who have businesses here in Indian Valley, to be able to communicate once again with clients and friends. She and Gigi’s Market’s Gamble decided that one good deed deserves another.

The women are heading an effort to show appreciation through a good Indian Valley lunch.

The first lunch appreciation jar went up at Gigi’s Market with Village Drug and Jose’s Tacos coming on board as well and now Hansen’s Homemade and Young’s Market, too.

Money collected there will go to the four eateries when collection is over. Local residents are also collecting to show appreciation for the four techs.

“Our four local Frontier technicians go above and beyond because their employer’s customer service number is so messed up,” said Bradley.

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