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Retirements and available jobs fill supervisors meeting

By Victoria Metcalf

[email protected]

Tuesday, Dec. 8, turned into a day of personnel announcements and requests during the Plumas County Board of Supervisors regular meeting. Some county department heads announced their retirements, while other department heads talked of available jobs in their offices.

Under department head announcements, Plumas County Assessor Chuck Leonhardt announced his retirement. Leonhardt said he has plans to go hiking and fishing after 43 years in real estate related fields. He has been the county assessor for more than 23 years. His term in office ends Jan. 12, 2021.

Plumas County Clerk/Recorder Kathy Williams was up next also announcing her retirement at the end of December. “Is anybody going to be left here?” asked Supervisor Lori Simpson. Williams said she’s worked for Plumas County 33 years, beginning in 1988. She’s been the elected clerk/recorder for 18 years.

Saying he’s not retiring, Sheriff Todd Johns said he is recruiting for openings within the jail. “I’m in desperate need of female corrections officers,” he told the board. Testing for those interested in becoming a corrections officer is Dec. 17, he added.

Under departmental matters, supervisors authorized public works to recruit and fill a vacancy for a full-time fiscal technical services assistant III position. The position will be vacated by the end of December with a retirement announcement. Supervisors also approved recruiting seasonal extra-help workers to do snow removal countywide.

Plumas County Public Health Director Andrew Woodruff was up next requesting supervisors to allow him to recruit and fill an extra-help driver for the Senior Transportation Program. He also requested extra-help for an assistant cook for the Senior Nutrition Program. Both of these positions were approved.

Woodruff also requested that supervisors adopt a resolution that would allocate a full-time health education coordinator through 2022. He has money to finance that position until the funding runs out. Supervisors approved the request. Also for the health agency, supervisors approved filling two extra-help contact tracers/case investigator positions for up to 29 hours per week.

Woodruff also requested and received an exemption to a 30-day limit for extra-help in the department’s nursing division.

Neal Caiazzo, director of the Department of Social Services, also asked to fill a vacancy for office supervisor. That position became available when the employee accepted another position within the department. Supervisors also approved the request.

The director of Child Support Services Michelle Blackford requested that supervisors approve a position for a child support specialist or child support special assistant. The person filling this position resigned in November. “All allocated positions are funded,” Blackford told supervisors in a written request. The supervisors approved the request.


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