Nellz Towne Pump owner Pete Singh cuts the ribbon on the new pumps on Jan 29 with Sheriff Todd Johns. Photo by Meg Upton

Ribbon cutting celebrates the re-opening of Nellz Towne Pump

   Forty people gathered in the 28-degree weather on Saturday morning for a celebration of the re-opening of Nellz Towne Pump.

   Balloons in the Greenville High School colors of black and orange adorned the gas station tanks as Sheriff Todd Johns held out the red ribbon for owner Pete Singh to cut.

   Singh hopes the rest of the gas station will be built in the next three to four months.

   “Ask Mike Beatty about that,” said Singh with a smile toward his construction contractor. The building that housed the small shop will be slightly larger utilizing more of the property. The slab for the building is scheduled to be poured tomorrow.

   The 40-odd well wishers enjoyed coffee and muffins while huddled around the station. It felt a little like a reunion with many people seeking out people they hadn’t seen since the fire.

   Today from 11 a.m. to 1 p.m. Wolf Creek 4-H and Christi Hazelton of Region Burger will be serving up chile and cornbread. Pete Singh is also giving away $25 vouchers for gas for Dixie Fire survivors to use at the pumps (while supplies last today).

Pete Singh and Sheriff Todd Johns pose in front of the re-opened gas pumps. The rest of the station should be up and running by May 2022. Photo by Meg Upton