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Robert Jeffrey Rood

Robert Jeffrey Rood has passed away on May 17, 2023. He lost his life to cancer after a hard fought 6 month battle. He was 75 years old. 

Robert was the youngest child in his family. The curly, blonde haired child with stunning blue eyes was  born on January 3, 1948 in Napa, CA to Dr. Reginald S. Rood, M.D. and Betty Jane Jeffrey Rood. He was a beautiful child, with a very kind spirit. Even as a young child, his mother would be stopped by admirers mentioning to her how cute and kind he was. His father was a prominent doctor, alumni of Stanford University and his mother was a ballet dancer, Alumni of Mills College. 

Robert was given many nicknames by his parents and brother and sister: 

Robbie, Robin, Rob, Pitts and GRUBBS. Just to name a few. His wife of 49 years, called him Bobby. Robert was a native of Napa, CA. Moving to San Luis Obispo from 1st grade through elementary school and middle school. He would go to Avila Beach with his family in which he developed a deep love of the ocean and fog. One of his favorite places would be by the ocean with his favorite weather, overcast, 65 degree temperature with a misty fog haze. 

Robert moved back to Napa, CA with his family during Jr. High School. He attended Napa high school, graduating in 1966. He earned an AA from Napa Junior College where he was Student Body President.  He attended San Jose State where he met his wife Judy. He played a 1 man piano show in the concert hall at San Jose State, entertaining his fellow students and friends. He had a successful career. Owning a small trucking company in Santa Cruz, CA and then taking an early retirement from Cal-Trans.

Robert was a gifted musician, he played the piano by ear and he could play anything he heard. He wrote many beautiful songs in his lifetime, including interesting lyrics. He loved music so much and always had something playing at all times. He had a very good ear and would find bands and musicians before they became popular. He loved English bands, The Stones, Gary Numan, The Cure, all kinds of genres. He wrote poetry when he was young and as a teenager could sketch and create forward thinking models of cars. He enjoyed history and he was an intellect. 

He was an avid classic car connoisseur along with all types of cars. He knew everything about cars and could tell you any detail about any car, American muscle, especially. He enjoyed classic movies, had an interest in aviation and aerospace along with trains and their engineering. He enjoyed delicious meals at restaurants with his family. He loved taking trips to San Francisco. San Francisco was one of his favorite cities. He could take you around that city and he knew all the streets and how to get around, driving fast over the big hills, so his kids would smile. 

He enjoyed taking trips to State and National Parks. He loved the outdoors and being outside. He would take annual trips with his beloved wife to the Southwest, Death Valley, Patrick’s Point and Yosemite. His wife Judy and he would celebrate their December wedding anniversary amongst the snow at The Awhanhee Hotel in Yosemite, CA as much as they could. Robert was an extravert and loved people. He could talk with any stranger and he would be instantly liked. He was that kind of person, genuine and kind. He was loyal to his family, his parents, his siblings, his wife, children and grandchildren. Along with his friends. He was the type of human being who would always “show up” for anyone who needed him, especially his family. He was selfless, caring, loving and kind. A solid person. He was a good husband, wonderful son and sibling along with the most adoring father and grandfather.

Robert’s Great Uncle, Hugh R. Rood had a first class ticket aboard the Titanic. He was traveling back from Europe in which the ill fated ship struck an iceberg. His children, Erin and Jeff always enjoyed sharing this for “show and tell” in school. Their teachers were always so fascinated by the family history and story. 

He loved his daughter and his son and they both knew it very much. 

He was extremely proud when his granddaughter, Briar Rose graduated from the University of Southern California (USC) with a graduate degree. She graduated from USC 5 days before he passed away. He was very proud of her to push through and graduate while being a very positive force in his 6 month battle to fight cancer. 

This is a huge, profound loss for his family. We all loved him and will miss him so much but we all know he is always with us and we will see him again…

Robert Jeffrey Rood is survived by his beloved wife, Judy Rood of Portola, CA. His daughter, Erin Rood of Palos Verdes Estates, CA. His son, Jeffrey Rood of Quincy, CA. His grandchildren from his daughter, Briar Rose (24) and Chance 

(4) His grandchildren from his son, Lyla (14) and Dylan (12). His siblings, Marsha Rood of Pasadena, CA and Steven Rood of Nampa, ID. His cousin Kit Jeffrey of Oregon City, OR. 

He is preceded in death by his parents, Dr. Reginald S. Rood, M.D. and Betty Jane Jeffrey Rood, his niece and nephew, Lisa and Mitch Rood. 

If you desire and would like to honor Robert, please make a donation in his name to The National Park Foundation. 

3 thoughts on “Robert Jeffrey Rood

  • What a great acknowledgment of your dad. He truly was a kind caring man and will be missed.
    Love, Aunt Kathy

  • Rob was a wonderful person and the funniest person I have ever known. He was a truly remarkable and unique person who was loyal beyond measure and the very best brother Steve and I could ever have had. When we were young, we never fought with him but fought over him – who got to sit with him and who got to play with him. He was never mean about people or self-centered. You would always feel he was in your corner and would come to your aid and give you special attention and sympathy when you needed it the most. I loved Robin more than anyone in the world. Marsha Rood

  • Bob was my daughter-in-laws father and my sons father-in-law. The first time I met him, I realized what a kind & warm man he was. He had such a wonderful open personality. I enjoyed talking to him. He always made you feel welcome and special. I know the family will miss him greatly, but so will I. I feel like I didn’t get enough of him. He was such a joy to be around. Rest in peace Bob

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