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Rock House revival

The recent winter storms have slowed, but not stopped our plans to get the Rock House Café in Concow operational again.

All of our plans continue to move forward, but at a slower pace until the weather improves. Karen and Dave continue to clean up their property and remove fire debris.Despite the obstacles of working in the rain and snow, they are making steady progress.Good weather will return soon, and we hope that work will resume at a more rapid pace.

Besides getting the property cleaned, our first goal is to get a Rock House Revival banner in place that is readable from Highway 70.This banner alone will bring a powerful message of hope to the Concow community.

We hope to follow up on this banner by bringing a marquee sign to their property, with movable letters so that messages on the marquee sign can be regularly updated. This will help to better communicate events and meetings as the Rock House become a primary location for the Concow community to gather, share their storiesand plan their recovery.

While the national news has moved on to the next big story, lives continue to be lost as a result of the Camp Fire. I just learned today of a Paradise resident, who lost hope, and chose to take his own life rather than continue to struggle with the difficult changes caused by the fire. This is probably not the only instances where such a life has been lost weeks or months after the fire. This lost life is a stark reminder that lives still hang in the balance, and our efforts to bring hope to persons displaced and impacted by the Camp Fire can both relieve suffering, and save lives. 

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