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With Rotarians from four area clubs gathering in Westwood’s George Young Park, including this kiosk featuring adult beverages, there is always a slight challenge to effectively gather the flock into one location for the opening ceremony. After all, this is the social hour and that means it’s conversation time. Photo by Gregg Scott

Rotary clubs unite for fun, food and the future

Rotary Clubs from Chester and Greenville, along with the Susanville Sunrise and Susanville Noon clubs, gathered Sept. 25, at George Young Park in Westwood for an opportunity to share camaraderie and conversation, relate community accomplishments, plan for future activities and enjoy some fine food.

Sometimes it seems that Rotarians get so focused on supporting local events and projects they forget that there are many other like-minded folks in all the surrounding communities, and many of the effects of those events and projects actually spill over to other communities.

Having almost 50 Rotarians come together due to a mutual dedication to “Service Above Self” is bound to produce positive results.

One attendee said it this way, “The positive impact of these joint gatherings is immeasurable in shared information, new ideas and in renewing old friendships.”

This particular dinner was scheduled on the 27th anniversary of Chester Rotary’s charter so when it was their turn to talk, Chester Club President Monty Clark simply remarked, “I want to thank you all for coming to our 27th anniversary party.”

George Young Park offered a serene quiet venue; the evening was picture perfect with just a whisper of breeze and a bright orange sunset and a delicious meal of barbequed steak, scalloped potatoes, salad and rolls prepared by Julie and Rick Wann of Bella Luna Catering.

At the end of the evening the general consensus was that this type of get-together should definitely happen more than once a year for the sake of the members, the communities and the Rotary vision.

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