As one of the volunteer groups that help support the Lake Almanor Elks Lodge’s annual Randy Fossum Memorial Wheel Around Lake Almanor (WALA), Chester Rotary members always enjoy their time meeting and greeting the riders as they reach the Hamilton Branch Fire Station rest stop. Having completed what many consider the toughest 9-plus miles of the WALA course, most participants are ready for not only a breather, but also some quick energy foods and much needed hydration; all available to riders and support teams with a smile. Photo by Gregg Scott

Rotary serves WALA riders

With a little rest and sustenance under their belts, WALA participants discuss their strategy for completing the final 23 miles back to Chester. Several different types and shapes of cycles are used to compete in the event depending on the riders’ individual needs and several “chase” vehicles, including a Plumas Rural Transit bus, are used to divert traffic and aid the cyclists if needed.      Photo by Cheri McIntire