Sacramento man drowns

A Sacramento resident is the third person to drown in Plumas County waters in July.

Michael Tabor, 32, jumped from a 75-foot rock cliff near the dam at Little Grass Valley Reservoir near La Porte and never resurfaced, according to witnesses at the scene Saturday, July 27.

It was 5:23 p.m. when the Plumas County Sheriff’s Dispatch Center received a call from a boat patrolman on the lake of a possible drowning, according to Steve Peay, sheriff’s investigations sergeant.

When boat patrolmen were alerted and arrived at the scene they were unable to locate Tabor. The man had been underwater at that point and hadn’t surfaced.

Several swimmers were already in the water when the boat patrol arrived, but they too were unsuccessful in locating Tabor.

Plumas County Search and Rescue and Plumas County Sheriff’s deputies were dispatched to the scene. Although they attempted to locate Tabor’s body, they were unable to locate it until the following morning.

“This is the third drowning in the waters of Plumas County in 11 days,” Peay said.

Just three days before the drowning death at Little Grass Valley Reservoir, a 9-year-old boy drowned in the North Fork of the Feather River near Tobin Bridge.

An earlier victim, a woman, Heather Noone, of Palo Alto, fell into Rock Creek while hiking along the river’s edge. A team recovered her body with Swift Water Rescue in the Rock Creek area. That death occurred the week prior to the Chico youth’s drowning.