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Here are the scarecrows that garnered the most votes in the Inaugural Chester/Lake Almanor Halloween Scarecrow Contest. With the Lake Almanor Area Chamber of Commerce’s $1 per vote guidelines there was over $500 raised for the Town Plaza project. The most votes went to scarecrows from, clockwise from top, the Coffee Station, Coldwell Banker and Almanor Fitness. Photos by Gregg Scott

Scarecrows raise money and awareness

The first annual Scarecrow Competition for Halloween 2019 raised over $500 for the Chester Town Plaza.

The three top vote getters were scarecrows in front of the Coffee Station, Coldwell Banker and Almanor Fitness.

“We are so pleased that the community got so involved in the competition this year with 18 scarecrows throughout Chester and the Peninsula,” says Susan Bryner, president of the Lake Almanor Area Chamber of Commerce.

The competition began with Scarecrows being spotted throughout the town beginning Oct. 15, culminating with gathering votes, $1 per vote, during the Safe Trick or Treat festivities on Halloween.

The businesses and organizations that participated also funded the prize money for the costume contest during Safe Trick or Treat.

The Chamber is most thankful to all participants: My Little Lake House, Coldwell Banker Kehr/O’Brien Real Estate, Diamond Mountain Casino, Dr. Fred Feil, Peterson Glass, Almanor Style, Lassen Gift Company, Stover Landing Commons, Sage Creek Insurance, Chester Fire Department, Chester Elementary School, Peninsula Fire Sirens, Lake Almanor Fitness Center, Coffee Station, Plumas Bank, The Giggling Crow, Chester Progressive and Lassen Peak Photography.

“The Town Plaza project is for the community,” says Bryner.

“We are seeing the beginning of an excited community with individuals and organizations coming together to plan, and commit their time and money for the project. It is what I love about our Lake Almanor community and it is why I live here,” she adds.

The Chamber of Commerce has partnered with the Lake Almanor Community Foundation, which is a 501C3 nonprofit organization, to collaborate on funding, activities, site development and management of the Town Plaza.

While the Chamber will be seeking monies from grants and other government and private entities, the Foundation will be creating and hosting a variety of events and money-raising opportunities through 2019-20 that will include both Chester and Peninsula residents and locations.

For more information on how to get involved and support the Chamber and Foundation efforts toward a Town Plaza, call 258-2150 or email [email protected] or you can visit us at www.lakealmanorarea.com.

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