Schmid pleads guilty to arson

Suspected arsonist Jeffery Cameron Schmid, 36, of Quincy pleads guilty to six counts of arson this morning Friday, Sept. 29, in court. Count one on charges of aggravated arson on the Minerva Fire could bring Schmid 10 years to life. At this point he owes in excess of $7 million. Sentencing is set for Nov. 3.

3 thoughts on “Schmid pleads guilty to arson

  • I cant get the survey on my phone!!!!

    • Chris if you scroll down it will give you an option to skip survey.

  • I know it’s a trivial thing. Can someone tell them that Friday wasn’t September 28th… They’re embarrassing themselves. 🙂 Unless of course they are living in a time warp they left us out of?

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