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School board adopts next year’s calendar

Remember when summer vacation ended on Labor Day? Well that is no longer the case for most students, and those in the Plumas Unified School District are no exception.

During their March 10 meeting the school board members voted to adopt a calendar that sends youth back to the classroom Aug. 22 and sends them off for summer vacation June 9.

The board was presented with three options – two of which offered the same start and stop dates: Aug. 22 and June 9. The only difference was the number of snow days set aside. The third option extended the start and stop dates by a week on each end: Aug. 29 and June 14.

School board president Traci Holt, who is from the Almanor Basin, expressed concern that construction wouldn’t be complete at the Chester schools and the extra week might be needed before returning to the classroom. District administrators said a contingency plan was in place, and the workaround would be similar to what is in place now. With that assurance, Holt voted for the calendar with the Aug. 22 start date. The full calendar is below:

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