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School Board applies conditions for PCS charter renewal petition

Working with staff from the Plumas Charter School, the Plumas Unified School District leadership advised its Governing Board of Trustees on Dec. 13 that several “conditions for consideration” have been established as part of the PCS charter renewal petition process.

To give the charter school and PUSD teams additional time to work on the conditions, most of which have already been successfully met, a school board vote on the petition has been continued to a future meeting early in the new year.

Addressing trustees Leslie Edlund, president of the board; Joleen Cline; and Dwight Pierson in person, as well as Dave Keller and Clerk of the Board Traci Holt via Skype, PUSD Superintendent Terry Oestreich summarized the process to date.

She explained that the district has been communicating and working with PCS Executive Director Taletha Washburn on the conditions for a March 1 deliverable date and will continue to address further reviews needed before approval of the petition can return to the school board for a vote.

The district and trustees have previously heard presentations and testimonial endorsements on the charter renewal petition. They have also learned about changes that PCS has experienced since its last petition five years ago — including increases in student enrollment.

One of the conditions being added to the petition renewal consideration includes providing specific, measurable, attainable, relevant and timely (or SMART) goals that aim at a minimum of 2 percent growth for the charter school.

Others focus on developing a curriculum map, scope and sequence for core subject areas as well as providing an intervention plan for students achieving below grade level in math and English Language Arts.

Another key condition calls for development of an English Language Learner plan that includes integrated and designated learner support and other specified requirements.

Conditions covering such items as financial planning, reporting and accountability — among others — have already been satisfied by PCS.

Trustee Pierson commented, “This is about the importance of increasing student achievement for everyone, so what we’re asking for is no different than what we’re working on ourselves, right?”

Superintendent Oestreich said yes, it was the same for the district and asked the trustees to approve the list of conditions in preparation for their future vote on the petition itself.

Following the board’s unanimous yes vote, Pierson answered, “I applaud you and Taletha for working many hours on this item and I’m confident it can be worked out. Maybe we can learn something from each other.”

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