School board holds brief meeting as Dixie Fire impacts continue

The Plumas Unified School District board meeting originally scheduled for July 21 wasn’t held due to the Dixie Fire. It was held last night, July 28, but in a very abbreviated form.

The Plumas Unified staff and school board are struggling with the same issues that residents across Plumas County are — evacuations and other life disruptions. As of yesterday morning, Superintendent Terry Oestreich was unsure if there would be a quorum to hold the meeting since two members of the five-member board had evacuated, one was working on the fire and a fourth is due to have a baby any day. But at 5 p.m., all but one of the school board members was present — Leslie Edlund who works for the Plumas National Forest and is assigned to the fire.

PUSD Superintendent Terry Oestreich announced that the board would delay everything on the agenda that was not immediately essential until the Aug. 11 meeting. So, the board had just two items to address — conduct a public hearing on a tax exempt leasing program (which they did with no public comment made) and approve a financing resolution that authorized tax-exempt equipment leases to finance energy conservation measures (which they did unanimously).

The meeting, which was held via Zoom, concluded quickly and ended with Board President Traci Holt adjourning the meeting “in honor of all of those who have been impacted by the Dixie Fire, and all of those who are on the front lines fighting these fires to protect our communities.”