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School Board honors retirees from Quincy schools

By Angelina Wilson

Special to Plumas News

Plumas County Office of Education met online on June 16 to recognize retiring faculty members for their service at both Quincy Elementary School’s (QES) Pioneer and Adler campuses as well as Quincy High School (QHS).

Trustees Joleen Cline, Dave Keller and Dwight Pierson as well as President Leslie Edlund and Clerk of the Board Traci Holt were in attendance to thank the staff members for their service.

By video teleconference, the board recognized four retirees from QES: Kathy Andrea, Arleen Stahlman, Kathy Whitaker, and Linda Beacham; and QHS retiree Randy Kelsh .

Kathy Andrea

 “Every day was a new adventure and I will miss everyone a lot” said Andrea when it was her turn to address the board.

In her years with PUSD, Andrea served as a librarian, an attendance clerk and a computer instruction staff member at both the Alder Street and Pioneer campuses.

“Kathy had unique knowledge of students and their families,” said Pioneer campus Principal Melissa Groh, recognizing Andrea for her resourcefulness. “We could just ask her who a kid’s parent was and it was like running a search without having to look anything up.”

Principal Lara Hollister from the Alder Street campus said, “I’m so glad Kathy has this opportunity to go and take care of herself and enjoy her family and her flowers.” Hollister noted Andrea’s 23 years of work in PUSD starting as a classroom aid in Greenville.

Arlene Stahlman

Arlene Stahlman has worked for PUSD for 19 years and, among other things, has taught high school English, independent study and been “an amazing kindergarten teacher,” her principals said.

Claiming, she couldn’t have done it without him, Stahlman thanked her husband, John, for helping set up school events, put up posters and build instruments for her Waldorf classes.

“Arlene is exactly who I hope to be when I grow up” said Principal Hollister, noting Stahlman’s animated social scene and dedication to her work. She also said the teacher was an inspirational figure for students and colleagues in the community.

Though they could only see each other onscreen, Stalhman smiled back and mentioned her colleague Kathy Whitaker, who is also retiring and was logged in for the meeting. “I think we rocked it!” Stahlman said.

Kathy Whitaker

Kathy Whitaker has been with the PUSD for 31 of her 37 years in education. She was a special education teacher and learned and taught her students sign language.

“She has been a nurturing and loving kindergarten teacher for our students and families in Quincy for many, many years,” said Pioneer School Principal Melissa Groh, “and we will miss her.”

Whitaker said she loved her job and expressed her wish that her students find work they love. Jokingly, she added that the COVID-19 online training was the thing that helped her be able to say goodbye.

 Linda Beacham

Linda Beacham has been part of the Plumas-to-the-Pacific program and has held a position with PUSD for 20 years as a sixth-grade teacher. She also taught at Plumas Christian School.

The principals said Beacham gave so much support to her students, their families and her colleagues. She was incredibly hard working and a skilled multitasker who did so much for sixth graders. “Linda has touched so many lives and became a mentor to so many new teachers” said Hollister.

Randy Kelsh

QHS teacher Randy Kelsh has been a kind, caring and compassionate teacher, someone very dedicated to his friends, family and community. Staff members who have worked with him said he was the kindest person on campus, loved by all.

Kristy Warren, assistant superintendent for Instructional Services, served as Quincy High’s interim principal for several months this year. She said, “Many students came to school each day because of Mr. Kelsh and they may not have come if it wasn’t for him.”

As the item closed, Superintendent Terry Oestreich congratulated every employee for their service to the school district and thanked them for their dedication. On a humorous note, she offered all attendees a piece of virtual cake that was displayed in a photo on the background screens as they could not gather in person due to COVID-19 restrictions.











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