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School board to provide in-person/Zoom meeting option

While Zoom remains a viable option for the public to attend meetings, the school board has opted to resume in-person meetings for themselves and those members of the public who wish to attend face to face.

During the May 11 meeting of the Plumas Unified School District governing board, members voted to resume their in-person meeting schedule, which prior to the pandemic, involved rotating through the four communities.

One board member, JoDee Read, has a baby and said it would be challenging for her to attend late night meetings away from home, but she understood why others would want to resume in-person.

Board member Leslie Edlund spoke next. “I have mixed feelings. I do see the advantage of people not having to drive home at 11 p.m. But I also feel that I do miss the connectivity … I feel like there is added connectivity when we are together.”

Dave Keller said he liked having Zoom available as an option for board members who couldn’t attend in person, as well as for members of the public because it provided more public participation.

Joleen Cline said that she missed the rotating meetings because it provided an opportunity to be on the various campuses and tour them.

She explained that if the board provided a hybrid option – in person/Zoom — the public could attend via zoom, but board members would have to post their location if they planned to attend remotely. “That option allows the most flexibility,” she said. “I think the majority of us would be doing the travel.”



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