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Greenville Elementary School sixth-grader Kendall Heiken poses with her Principal’s Recognition Award with (from left) Principal Traci Cockerill, her younger sister, and her mother, Alisha Wilson. Photo by Linda Satchwell

School district honors Greenville students

Two stand out Greenville students were honored with Principal’s Recognition Awards at the Nov. 13 meeting of the Plumas County Office of Education, held in the Greenville Jr./Sr. High School library.

Greenville Elementary School sixth-grader Kendall Heiken was a unanimous choice according to Greenville Principal Traci Cockerill. “She can be quiet, and could probably go under the radar” said Cockerill, “but that’s because she’s doing what she’s supposed to do.”

Cockerill described her as sweet, and a strong, kind leader. She’s also a hard worker, thrives on the volleyball and basketball teams, and is “very respectful in all her relationships.”

Also honored was 11th-grader Julieanna Fieldson. According to Cockerill, Fieldson had been on the staff’s radar for quite a while, but they wanted to wait until she was an upperclassman before they gave her the award. “She’s the student every school hopes to have,” said Cockerill, describing her as prompt, always prepared, and as having a great attitude. In addition, she’s always helping others, and masters whatever content she is studying.

   She’s always working to improve, asking “How am I doing and what can I do to get better?” said Cockerill. She also excels at sports and is on the varsity softball team.

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