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School district welcomes new members


Dave Keller from Crescent Mills and Joleen Cline from Portola were sworn in as new Plumas Unified School District board members Dec. 7. Keller will represent District 4 — Greenville-Indian Valley. Cline will represent District 1—Portola-Graeagle.

Leslie Edlund agreed to continue to serve as board president.


Rob Wade, head of the Learning Landscapes Program for the district, recognized the help Paul Hardy and the Feather River Land Trust gave to the program for many years. The two men worked hand-in-hand to get the program off the ground.

The board also thanked the community again for passing Measure B, the school bond measure.

PUSD-FRC collaboration

The board was asked to renew the annual MOU between the district and FRC on the Adventures in Learning collaboration. Adventures in Learning is intended to give district students the opportunity to participate in adventure activities at FRC.

Other potential adventure opportunities include canoeing, snowshoeing, rock climbing, horseback riding and running the challenge course. The board was informed that rock climbing and horseback riding require higher insurance levels, which would be covered by individual clubs using the facilities, with no financial impact to the district. The board approved the MOU for another year.

Plumas Charter update

Board President Leslie Edlund felt that the latest update received from the Plumas Charter School was a “tremendous step forward,” but that the board still needed “a lot more information” before she could feel comfortable.

Edlund also noted that charter schools were intended to serve “low achieving” students. The rest of the Board agreed with the need for more clarification. Board members emphasized that they had a legal responsibility for oversight over all the schools in the district.

Traci Holt noted that the board needed to be sure that education at Plumas Charter School was resulting in good student outcomes.

Dwight Pierson advised that the district should not ask the Plumas Charter School to do anything that the other schools in the district weren’t asked to do.

Pierson noted that maximizing student achievement is the goal of every school. He suggested that the district survey graduates a few years after graduation to ascertain how well their education from the district has served them.

Broadband access

The district allocated $1 million to ensure that all students have access to their own digital device and access to broadband in every classroom. Julian Wells reported that most of this work has been accomplished.

Wells showed pictures of the cable situation prior to the update, a rat’s nest of wires and mismatched equipment, versus the state-of-the-art situation that exists today. More work remains to be done, but Wells was clearly proud of the work accomplished so far.

New health curriculum

In conformance with the California Healthy Youth Act passed in January 2016, the district is selecting a curriculum that will provide comprehensive sexual health and HIV prevention education to middle school and high school students.

Parents-guardians will be notified ahead of time that their student will be receiving this information and will be allowed to view teaching materials prior to instruction.

Parents/guardians may elect to remove their student from the classroom during whatever lessons they choose. Removal requires submitting a written request to the district.

Measure B meetings

The district has begun holding a series of public meetings throughout the county to get people’s opinions on how money from Measure B should be spent.

These meetings will take place from 5:30 to 7:30 p.m. at the following schools and dates. Snacks and drinks will be provided.

Chester High School Library Wednesday, Dec. 14

Greenville High School Library Wednesday Jan. 4

Chester High School Library Thursday Jan. 5

Portola High School Library Tuesday Jan. 10

Quincy High School Library Wednesday Jan. 11


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