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School to resume on different dates around the district

As the Dixie Fire continues to wreak havoc on Plumas County, it’s doing the same to the return to school date. Originally, students were intended to be in the classroom Aug. 23, but it was pushed to Sept. 7 due to the fire. Now that the date is in jeopardy for some students.

Plumas Unified School District Superintendent Terry Oestreich released the following statement and schedule this afternoon: As we work through the many challenges related to the Dixie Fire, we are excited to get school started, but need to do so in a safe manner.  Any decision to change to the school calendar, especially a further delayed start, is not made without considerable deliberation with multiple stakeholders.  As a result of these deliberations, we must write today to inform you of some recent changes:

  • Chester: Due to the thorough cleaning of the schools that is taking place, school start will be pushed back to Thursday, Sept. 9
  • Quincy: At this time, Quincy schools will start as planned on Tuesday, Sept. 7.  If further evacuation warnings or orders are in place, the start date may be delayed.
  • Portola: A decision will be made by Thursday night at 5 p.m. as to the school start date
  • Greenville Elementary at Taylorsville:  A start date will be determined pending the lifting of evacuation warnings/orders

Plumas News is checking with Plumas Charter School to see if their plans have changed or remain the same. Plumas Charter is currently scheduled to resume class instruction Sept. 7 and have been offering a day camp for their Quincy students over the past two weeks.

UPDATE: Executive Director Taletha Washburn said that the Quincy and Chester campuses will return to school Sept. 7, and it remains to be determined in Indian Valley.

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