Seneca Healthcare District not yet open; those with medical concerns urged to wait to return

Although the Plumas County Sheriff has authorized the repopulation of the Lake Almanor Basin, Seneca Healthcare District (SHD) is not yet open, so those with health concerns are urged to wait to return to the area.

Seneca Healthcare District Hospital Incident Command Center (HICC) and staff from SHD have been cleaning, restoring and restocking the facility in preparation for a state inspection tentatively scheduled for Friday, Aug. 20.

This inspection and approval from the State of California regulatory agencies is a requirement for reopening the facility. As such, Seneca recommends that individuals with health concerns wait to return. Those deciding to return will need to ensure they bring any supplies associated with individual medical needs as not all of the district’s suppliers have been able to travel to Chester. Additionally, there are many businesses and services within the community that are not yet open or available.

Pending approval from local and state authorities, the Emergency Room and Acute Care Unit will open at 8 a.m. on Saturday, Aug. 21. The Almanor Walk-in Clinic will open the Clinic and the Family practices  at 8 a.m. Monday, Aug. 23. All outpatient and auxiliary services will open by Monday, Aug. 23 as well. While these anticipated dates are being shared, please be aware that ALL dates of opening are subject to change based on a number of factors. Seneca will continue to update the public of any changes to the planned opening should they arise.


Seneca thanks the public for their continued patience and understanding during these times and is looking forward to having the community back home and beginning the process of recovery together.

Please contact the PIO line at (530) 258-6323 with any questions or concerns.