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Seneca Hospital plans for the future

To paraphrase an oft-used adage that has been around for a long time: “If you want good things to happen in your community, get involved.”

That would be an important thought to consider in regard to the many changes taking place at Chester’s Seneca Hospital.

Lots of good news has been coming from the Seneca Healthcare District in the past few years and months.

The SHD board meeting Jan. 31 offered a continuing glimpse of the improvements occurring at the hospital.

Finance Officer Steve Boline presented a financial report that reflected a better than expected result for December 2018.

Even though there was a net operating loss for the month, due to increased patient revenue, the loss was less than budgeted.

In addition, the hospital is waiting on a state reimbursement of around $600,000 that will also have a positive effect on the financial outlook.

The board approved the proposal to go ahead with a new remodel for the upstairs of the Almanor Clinic building.

The ‘upstairs’ remodel will allow the Health Information Management department to move their records to this new area, which will free up space for expanded occupational therapy.

Facilities Manager Linda McCurdy explained in the proposal that this would in turn increase the hospital’s ability to accept more ‘swing bed’ patients and provide occupational therapy services on an outpatient basis.

The approved estimated cost of this remodel is $113,756. The return on investment is projected to be a positive for upcoming budgets.

Recent lobby remodel and expanded service announcements indicate a positive start to the year.

Most people are aware that Medicare began sending out new ID cards earlier in 2018.

The mandatory date for use of these cards is not until Jan. 1, 2020.

By this date, most Medicare beneficiaries have received their cards and all hospitals are refocusing on making sure they have those new Medicare Beneficiary Identifier numbers prior to the 2020 deadline.

The SHD board invites and encourages members of the community to attend their monthly board meetings and strategic planning meets with your ideas and input.

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