Seneca Hospital CEO Linda Wagner, standing, thanks the first wave of hospital staff attending the Seneca Hospital Staff Appreciation Day on May 16. The Almanor Clinic conference room was virtually full as staff took turns to allow all the staff to enjoy the event. Many kudos were expressed to the dedication and commitment of the staff. Photos by Gregg Scott

Seneca recognizes employee dedication

The Seneca Healthcare District, more commonly referred to as Seneca Hospital, has been a vital part of the Almanor Basin for many years.

One of the reasons it continues to serve the community so well is the dedication of members of both the medical and administrative staff that pursue the idea of making the hospital better every day.

Seneca has around 90 to 95 full time staff at any given time with another 30 or so in the part-time or per diem category.

The SHD board of directors and administration chose Thursday, May 16, as a day to recognize and thank the staff for their hard work and in some cases long-time commitment.


This year alone there are a dozen people that have achieved certain milestones in their careers at Seneca.

The 2019 Longevity Pin recipients were:

5 years:

Jessie Braninburg

Candace Welsh

Vanessa Paap

Loreen Ridenour

Mallory Lunsford

Judith Mahan

10 years:

Irene Urata

Linda Bogue

Audrey Alvarez

20 years:

Dave Monday

25 years:

Mary Garrett

30 years:

Catherine Herr

Congratulations to this year’s recipients with recognition to all those that are in between or approaching these milestones.

A monetary award also goes along with the recognition pin, which naturally brings some smiles upon acceptance.

Every employee was presented a gift as a token of appreciation for his or her efforts.

A tasty lunch of barbequed tri-tip, potato and green salad was provided by the folks at Lake Almanor Elks Lodge 2626 and they topped it off with a choice of either a root beer or black cherry cream float.