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Service District directors hold Fire Chief accountable

Fire Chief Jim Hamblin’s Community Services District December report — much like previous reports of the past few months — was vague on timeline, prompting the Indian Valley Community Services District directors to pressure him for dates for finishing repairs and readying the fire department’s small fleet of vehicles. The discussion came during the directors’ regular meeting Wednesday, Dec. 14.

Hamblin reported that a tender is nearly ready for service, but needed a fuel tank.

“Hasn’t gone as fast as we thought. Can’t give a specific time,” Hamblin said.

Director Bob Heard was quick to jump into getting him down to a date. “Could it be done by March?” he asked. Hamblin agreed. “Let’s go with March 1 then,” said Heard.

Hamblin was happy to report that the volume of calls had gone down in the last month, and that he was working on checklists to put in each of the trucks with a maintenance schedule. Heard then asked for maintenance logs on the trucks and again asked for specific times.

“I’ve asked for maintenance logs on trucks before. When will we have maintenance logs in the trucks? Can we have that by February 1?” asked Heard.

There was also a discussion about the number of bottles to certify on the trucks. Carbon fiber bottles will have to be discarded. Steel ones will go back into service.

Heard asked for a date of completion of when the bottles would be certified and on the trucks. “I understand it’s not in your hands, but when do you feel it will be completed?” Heard asked.

Director Mina Admire also expressed concern over timelines and efficiency. She voiced the idea that the whole process should be more systematic.

“It will happen,” said Hamblin. General Manager Chris Gallagher suggested that keeping a truck maintenance schedule could be incorporated into training.

Towards the end of the December IVCSD meeting, new board chair and vice-chair were nominated and chosen by the board. The 2017 board chair will be Robert Heard; vice chair will be Phil Shannon.

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