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Services district to hold meeting regarding thinning near Quincy

The American Valley Community Services District has scheduled a special, one-item public meeting for Tuesday, Sept. 21 at 2 p.m. The topic is how to go forward with the Plumas Audubon-administered grant for treating the District’s forestlands adjacent to Quincy.

The explosive destructiveness of this year’s Dixie Fire has made the decisions about when to thin, how to thin, and what to do with the remains of the thinning grant important to many people.

It’s hoped that several concerned neighbors of the parcel, and community members in general, will be able to attend. It’s the land owned by the services district above downtown Quincy — adjacent to streets like Alder, Boyle, and Buchanan. It is pretty overgrown and some neighbors have been concerned for a while.

To accommodate more people, Audubon has reserved the community room at the library for the meeting.


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