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Sheriff lifts numerous evacuation orders, warnings – see complete lists

The Plumas County Sheriff released the latest evacuation information at around noon today, Aug. 1 – but it takes some careful reading to determine the various changes —because there are many.Of major note, Greenville, Crescent Mills, Taylorsville, Genesee and other parts of Indian Valley have been reduced from mandatory orders to a warning.

Prattville and Canyon Dam have been reduced from mandatory evacuations to warnings.

Quincy and East Quincy are no long under evacuation warnings.

Bucks Lake is now under a warning, but Meadow Valley remains under an evacuation order.

Though it’s not indicated in the attached orders, this afternoon’s release read:For the communities of Old Highway Road, Round House Road, Keddie and Butterfly Valley — are still under Mandatory evacuation orders however residents are able to return to their place of residence ONLY. Anything out side of their own residence is still considered Mandatory Evacuation areas. Please be aware that there could still be smoldering stumps or other “hot” spots-there is no need to report these. Per Plumas County Environmental Health, an assessment of the water supply has not been done yet, therefore it is not recommended to drink the water. Bottled water should be used for consumption. The area is closed to all but residents.

Sheriff Todd Johns also announced that Highway 89 is no open but encourages residents to only travel along the roadway if it is absolutely necessary as there are still many firefighters and equipment in the area working the fire.



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